Тошкент ш. Яшнобод т. Махтумқули к. 49 уй (эски Хоразм кўчаси)
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What is maqom (makom) ?

                                                        What is maqom (makom) ?

The golden treasures of the Uzbek music world are endless and one of the oldest in the world. These immortal classic works have been transmitting from ancestors to generations, have been perfecting, have been enriching and living until our times and became an invaluable property of our folks.

The Shashmakom is our six makoms which the highest peak of our national music, which is on the highest step of the musical heritage of Uzbek folks .

Makom is classic music of Oriental folks, a professional genre in the makom system, and is known as Shashmakom. Shashmakom was completely formed in the 18th century. It includes Buzruk, Rost, Navo, Dugoh, Segoh and Irok. Makom is a series of genre, which consists of two major divisions: Mushkulot and Nasr – that is a musical instrument and song.

The term of maqom(makom)  is originated from Arabic language, and means “a place” and in the meaning of the song is “melody”.

Each of the six makoms is a series of very large volumes. Main musical instruments while performing  are “doira” and “tanbur”